Watching the news about Omicron reminds me of playing the game Plague.

Michael Cohen spends the first 15 minutes attacking Robert Kennedy Jr before starting the interview. Despite that it seems to me that Robert Kennedy runs circles around Michaels attempts to make Kennedy look like a fool.

Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen: Mea Culpa Exclusive!!! Covid Conspiracy King Robert Kennedy Says, “There’s Worse Things Than Death!”

King County has a vaccine mandate to eat out. The Pour House in Northbend will not comply. We drove an hour to support them today.

Small victory today against the school district today as they tried to ban my son (a senior) from playing in his final highschool football game ever because he is not vaccinated.

Took 3 1/2 hours of me yelling and my wife calmly poking holes in their logic.

Might be true, might not be true. After seenn whats going on with Covid I'm willing to rethink all history.


I've used my library card more in the last 2 year then in the last 20. Free ebooks, audiobooks, and access to Great resources.

Does changing name servers affect SSL cert renewal? Mine won't renew and that's the only thing that's changes lately.

Tried again to listen to Congressional Dish. Only made it about 15 minutes. Unfortunate because I really like the podcast in the early day.

Just pulled my account from to my own server. Was Joe@Joe, hopefully I can find everyone.

To Old to Care

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