Plant based meats are Vegan junk food and not a smart choice for people looking to make a healthy choice. I make a simple burger patty from beans, rice and oats (plus seasoning).

Finally removed Health Ranger from my podcast rotation. I've been complaining about him (mostly I'm my head) for awhile. The new time capsule format of his show is just completely annoying to me.

I really miss good second half of show stuff. To be more specific, block C conspiracy fun.

Is reference to Episode 1448 discussion about children, vegan diet and B12 comes I suggest people who are interested read The Starch Solution by Dr. McDougall.

Or take a look here for a good summary.

July 1st it will become illegal in Washington state to buy magazines with a capacity of over 10 rounds. Any suggestions on magazines for an AR-15 I don't yet own? I want to buy a few before the law goes into affect.

Does the Mastadon app separate the home Federated view?

Some guy on Fox Business was saying that people need to buy a house now to avoid higher rates. He doesn't even get into the fact that prices are out of a lot of people price range. Somehow your supposed to just make it happen.

I can afford to pay a high mortgage, I can't afford to put down a reasonable down payment when houses are commonly selling for a million dollars.

7 year plan is to save, wait for kids to graduate, move and buy in a more favorable area.

Wait 'til he sees what's going being said on Mastodon. He'll go white as a sheet.
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I am told this morning that Apple and Google will remove Twitter from the App Store if it does not moderate and remove hate speech under @elonmusk.

This isn’t a new policy, but a commitment already made.

Amazon Web Services has the same commitment.

So there’s that.

Started talking to a friend about the potential upcoming food shortages No she thinks I've lost my marbles Patting myself on the back I am.

The same people that love their Tesla's hate that Elon is buying Twitter. I don't get it.

Finally got some running sandals today. Took them out for a 2 mile break in. I wish I would of done this years ago.

I have no problem running a mastodon instance of one. I could easily scale up to three. 😁

For several years now I periodically get phone calls from someone trying buy property from me in Port Orchard WA. Do I own property I don't know about?? If so I'm way behind on taxes.

I feel stupid asking this, but is there a study guide for getting a ham license? All I can ever find are practice tests.

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