Am I crazy? I'm pretty sure @Johncdvorak and @adam have discussed the Waffle House before.

1st amendment protects you from the government not from everyone else.

Food pic. NA's favorite, kale salad and mini penne tossed in a sauce made from potatoes, carrots and seasonings (vegan mac and chez).

Seems like there are good alternatives to traditional fertilizer.

Watch "The Roots of Your Profits - Dr Elaine Ingham, Soil Microbiologist, Founder of Soil Foodweb Inc" on YouTube

Listening the the Lex Fridman episode with Andrew Bustamante really has me feeling worse about these agencies.


I know this isn't popular in the NA community but you might be interested in this option instead of what the doctors push. I made this change shortly after with great results.

Are there any mesh wifi systems out there that don't have horrible (neutered) consumer interfaces?

Son is heading off to play college football. Starting in 2022 NCAA now requires all athletes to have a sickle cell anemia test. Seems very odd.

New TV leads to AV receiver upgrade leading to hours of annoying audio tweaking.

One part of buying a house that I don't hear talked about enough is having enough money for a down payment. Pretty difficult to save 20% when houses are pushing $1 million

Went a little crazy with the Ooni tonight, and these are the leftovers.

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