@PhoneBoy @christopherbattles how do you like those? I run in minimal shoes, but I've thought about sandals.

Follow up on this. Washington state passed a law that forbids insurance companies from using your credit score to influence the insurance premium. We have good credit so we were getting a better rate and now that is gone.

My wife is shopping around but the news so far isn't good.


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The cost of a my families auto insurance just jumped by 1/3. The only explanation the company can give me is that the cost of insuring people in our area has gone up. Is there any way to fight this?

Matrix Tron crossover movie/show. Could be cool.

@Malachi It's surreal what's happening in our country today.

My mom believes that when Biden does the creepy whispering thing that its the devil talking not him. Just the idea of that really makes Bidens speeches freaky.

@BlueDouche @Mr_Steve Why discharged? Can't they just set him aside for a couple weeks?

God heals Biden's mind. He destroys the communist take over from the inside while his handlers stand by in disbelief.

.... could happen.

@shill I would expect that, and state mandate to get vaccinated if you want to go to a restaurant or a bar.

@ThewTheKooky That and ending the testing would clear this all up.

@MonetizeThis @TheCM I guess the part that connect to the sink would need plumbers tape. I wasn't think about that.

@MonetizeThis @TheCM Plumbers tape? I've always had gaskets on my pvc drain pipes. At least from the sink through the trap to the wall.

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