@Joe I have adopted the "no ask, no mask" policy in WA. I am going to carry a mask with me and I'll wait until someone asks me to put it on before I voluntarily do it. I've been finding that most companies want to show their support for mask mandates, but the employees don't care at all! And most of them are tired of wearing the mask as well.

@Peaceandprosperity The only time I will put one on now is the doctor and to see my grandmother at the assisted living facility.

Most places don't seem to care. However there are a few that suck. Sprouts, Best Buy and Costco have either refused me entry or kicked me out.

@Joe I hadn't thought about Costco or Best Buy. They both have someone posted up at the front door. I was at a whole foods in Phoenix a few months ago and they had this whiny 18 year old girl telling people to mask up, while the rest of Phoenix was totally open. So I just walked away and went to Trader Joes!

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