So Joe Biden thinks 50% of republicans support him....

Is it possible to drop the live stream (URL) into an app and play it from there? Running GrapheneOS so app options are limited.

Alex Jones is really really down on things. I like watching for the entertainment value and little nuggets of info, but this is hard.

@kgibson @Iamthebammbamm

GraphneOS updated on my phone today. Visual Voicemail with Verizon is now working.

And now they will attack free speech. Should be interesting.

Lots of double maskers at the grocery store today.

Anyone using Napster's subscription service?

I don't know if is a good organization or not. But here is a link to a recall petition for Jay Inslee.

If you live in Washington please consider.

M.2 SSD, worth the price? Primary machine is used for Flight Simulators.

Current HD is SSD SATAIII.

Unfortunately there is a Google Calendar that I need to access on my GrapheneOS Pixel. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?


How congress broke the law during the latest impeachment. Link is time coded for 33:23. Watching about 2 minutes and 30 seconds should be enough.

I'm not really surprised at how many apps require google play services bit I'm still kind of surprised.

Looking for a link to the super clip played at the beginning of todays show. I couldn't find anything in the show notes.

Small confession, I have never listened to the No Agenda Show live.

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