Follow up on this. Washington state passed a law that forbids insurance companies from using your credit score to influence the insurance premium. We have good credit so we were getting a better rate and now that is gone.

My wife is shopping around but the news so far isn't good.


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The cost of a my families auto insurance just jumped by 1/3. The only explanation the company can give me is that the cost of insuring people in our area has gone up. Is there any way to fight this?

Matrix Tron crossover movie/show. Could be cool.

My mom believes that when Biden does the creepy whispering thing that its the devil talking not him. Just the idea of that really makes Bidens speeches freaky.

God heals Biden's mind. He destroys the communist take over from the inside while his handlers stand by in disbelief.

.... could happen.

It's good to see that K9 Mail has been getting updates again.

I got kicked out of the grocery store for not wearing a mask today. First time in a while. I even listed a handful of businesses that I go into that do not care if I have a mask on including a sister store. He didn't care so I left, after saying a few choice words. My bad.

Proof of vaccination required to enter bars, restaurants in Clallam and Jefferson counties | KOMO 

Whenever I mention the Vaers database to people they look at me like I'm insane. I'm thinking "its right there people open your eyes". I guess hiding in plain sight really does work.

Anyone own a Sleep Number bed? Do you recommend it?

If Walter White had only had life insurance.

Is the religious exception route not working for people? Just curious!

Video car prices suck! My middle child has been saving for 6 months to build a computer and now it may not happen anytime soon. $400 for a Radeon 580, that's the same that I paid for my 5700xt a year ago.

I'm thinking of buying a bit of Bitcoin with my government money. Any recommendations on where to start?

Great rant about Afganistan. Most if us NA listeners have heard this message for years.


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